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Horseshoe Crabs in the Americas


ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Sets 2015 Specifications for Horseshoe Crabs of Delaware Bay Origin

Delaware Bay: The Commission’s Horseshoe Crab Management Board has approved the harvest specifications for horseshoe crabs of Delaware Bay origin. Under the Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) Framework, the Board maintained a harvest limit of 500,000 Delaware Bay male horseshoe crabs and zero female horseshoe crabs for the 2015 season. download the pdf.


Commercial Crabber Fined for Failure to Report Harvest

Delaware: DNREC Natural Resources Police, Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement agents cited commercial fisherman Travis J. Mick, 31, of Milford, for failure to report horseshoe crab landings within a 24-hour limit as required by state regulations. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crab Limit Reached, Fishery to Close

Delaware: Wildlife officials say Delaware’s harvest limit of horseshoe crabs for 2014 has been reached, and the fishery will close. download the pdf.


Delaware Gets Millions to Help Beaches, Wetlands

Delaware: Three wetlands, Bombay Hook, Mispillion Harbor and the marshes near Little Creek, will be part of a $102.7 million federal initiative to build storm and sea-level-rise resilience by using green infrastructure – such as beaches and wetlands – to minimize the impact of flooding, coastal destruction and storm surge. download the pdf.


Federal Grant Will Help Turn an Old Broad Channel Marina into a Sunset Cove

New York: Sunset Cove will be among 54 sites along the Atlantic Coast to receive a cut of $102.7 million in federal matching grants to help battle future storms, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said Monday in Broad Channel. Once littered with trash and broken boats, the former dumping ground will be transformed into a natural preserve with one of the best sunset views in the city. download the pdf.


Community Stewardship Gives Legs to Crab Program

New Jersey: Twice in the past two weeks, the residents of Downe Township have proudly demonstrated their community’s commitment to protecting the local ecosystem and the horseshoe crab/shorebird phenomenon that occurs annually each spring. download the pdf.


Teachers Learn 10 Key Things About Horseshoe Crabs at Audubon Workshop

Connecticut: Milford teachers who attended a workshop given by Project Limulus June 13 at the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center learned 10 things about horseshoe crabs right off the bat. Then, for the next 36 hours, they discovered things they may never have dreamed of about these fascinating creatures. download the pdf.


Monitoring the Night of the Horseshoe Crabs

New York: Cornell Cooperative Extension scientists help run the New York Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Network, which collects data on the number, size and gender of horseshoe crabs that come up on the beach at 16 sites throughout Long Island early each summer. They rely on citizen volunteers of all ages to help them tag and measure the horseshoe crabs. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crabs: Moonlight Dalliances, but Dwindling Numbers

Rhode Island: Even though darkness is falling and ominous clouds are gathering in the northeast, Scott Olszewski pulls on his waterproof boots and sets out down the deserted beach at Napatree Point. With all else aligning nicely, he just needs the storm to hold off and the winds to cooperate to witness a primitive spectacle — a veritable orgy on the beach. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crab Spawning Season a Boon for Shorebirds

South Carolina: Tagging horseshoe crabs on Harbor Island. More than 30 volunteers participated in a S.C. Department of Natural Resources program, conducted by DNR veterinarian Al Segars, to tag horseshoe crabs as they came ashore on Harbor Island to mate May 25, 2013. download the pdf.


Primeval Species Crowds Delaware Bay Beaches

New Jersey:  About 100 people gathered on the shore of Kimbles Beach in Middle Township on Thursday, May 15, and Heidi Hanlon had to raise her voice to be heard over children’s squeals and the low conversations of adults. “Who wants to go and pick up one of the male horseshoe crabs for tagging?” asked Hanlon, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. download the pdf.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Completes $1.65 Million Beach Restoration Project on New Jersey’s Delaware Bay

New Jersey: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has completed the first of 31 Hurricane Sandy coastal resilience projects focusing on rebuilding natural areas along the Atlantic Coast. The $1.65 million beach restoration project restored five beaches on Cape May’s inner shoreline, including Kimbles Beach, Reeds Beach, Moores Beach, Cooks Beach and Pierces Point. download the pdf.


Costly Bids Under Review for Dredging Project

Delaware: A contract solicitation for the southern most stretch in July failed to attract bidders, prompting surprised officials to rework timetables and work requirements to give more time and flexibility on the water. The concessions included waiving horseshoe crab spawning work restrictions during 2015. download the pdf.


DEC Weighs Limits on Whelk Harvest

New York: The rules also would prohibit the importation, sale and use of Asian horseshoe crabs. The whelk reporting and Asian horseshoe crab rules are expected to take effect this summer. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crab Management Board Meeting Summary

Virginia: The Horseshoe Crab Management Board met to review a North Carolina transfer request, receive an update on the New England and New York stock status trends, and discuss confidentiality and mortality issues in the biomedical sector. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crabs in Asia


Hundreds of Areas Deemed ‘Important Waters’

Japan: The areas, which account f or around 18 percent of Japan’s coastal waters, include locations in Shizuoka and Aichi pref ectures where loggerhead turtles lay eggs, and Kasaoka, Okayama Pref ecture, which is known as a breeding ground f or horseshoe crabs. download the pdf.


Loopholes in Protection of Two Key Wildlife Sites

Hong Kong: A green group is calling on conservation officials to plug loopholes in protection measures for ecologically sensitive areas in Tuen Mun and South Lantau. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crabs in Europe

ERDG in the News


Field Street School Student’s Artwork Featured on Ecological Research & Development Group’s Facebook Page

New Jersey: Last year as a Field Street School first grader, Kaylee Dixon created several pieces of art during a Gifted and Talented Program unit on the endangered horseshoe crabs of New Jersey. She and many of her classmates entered the horseshoe crab art and writing contest sponsored by the Ecological Research & Development Group Inc. of Dover, Delaware. download the pdf.


Young Voices, Horseshoe Crabs and the Arts 2014

Delaware: This year we received 450 entries from four countries, Hong Kong, India, Mexico and the USA. Our judges selected 40 of the most compelling artwork from each grade level that entered. As always, the task was challenging, for all forms of personal expression are, by their very nature, an honest reflection of the heart within.  download the pdf.


Takin’ the iCare® Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

Delaware: During todays meeting of the Delaware Alliance of Bay Communities (ABC) held in Bowers Beach, the communities leadership took the iCare®, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!®back over and download the pdf.


Celebrating Horseshoe Crabs

New Jersey: Peter attended the 2014 Get Downe Horseshoe Crab Festival on Saturday along the Delaware Bay on Creek Lane and State Avenue in Fortescue. The all-day event celebrated the horseshoe crab and the fifth anniversary since the open public beaches in Fortescue were declared a Community Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary by the Township Committee. It’s the only community-based horseshoe crab sanctuary in New Jersey. download the pdf.


Takin’ the iCare® Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

New Jersey: During the 2014 Get Downe Horseshoe Crab Festival! The all-day event celebrating the horseshoe crab and the fifth anniversary since the open public beaches in Fortescue, New Jersey were declared an ERDG Backyard Stewardship® Community Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary by the Township Committee, residents of Downe Township, New Jersey and surrounding areas took the iCare®, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!® back over and …. see more


Takin’ the iCare® Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

Delaware: Students from The Tatnall School (Wilmington, DE) AP Environmental Science and Advanced Chemistry classes took the iCare, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!®back over and download the pdf.


Takin’ the iCare Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

Delaware: During the Green Eggs & Sand workshop held last weekend at Delaware’s Aquatic Education Center, attending science teachers from eight state’s took the iCare, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!® back over and download the pdf.


Takin’ the iCare Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

Delaware: Students from the Rodney Thompson Middle School, Stafford, VA., attending a four day science field trip at Delaware’s Cape Henlopen youth camp take the iCare, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!® back over and download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival Comes to Milton

Delaware: The 11th Annual Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival will take place in Milton the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, May 24. Many nonprofits are also participating. New this year is a Friday-night event called Just flip ’em!, organized by the Ecological Research & Development Group, a wildlife conservation organization based in Dover that focuses on horseshoe crab species. The Just flip ’em! program addresses the high mortality among horseshoe crabs that occurs when they are stranded upside down during spawning, leaving them vulnerable to gulls pecking at them. download the pdf.


Takin’ the iCare Just flip ‘em!® Pledge

Delaware: During Beach Stewardship training at the DuPont Nature Center, Milford, DE., attendees take the iCare, Just flip ‘em!® pledge to look for horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down on the beach and Just flip ‘em!® download the pdf.


Blue Bloods by Ian Frazier

Atlantic Coast: A few years ago, I went on a boat trip to Fire Island with some researchers who were doing a population survey of horseshoe crabs. Soon after I boarded the boat, on a hot spring morning at a slip in Patchogue, I overheard this conversation. download the pdf.


What Animal Has 10 Eyes, Tells Time With Its Tail, Chews With Its Legs And Is 445 Million Years Old?

South Carolina: If you guessed a horseshoe crab you are correct! The American Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) is an amazing creature that can be found in our coastal waters and sometimes on our beaches. download the pdf.


Molloy College Presents: A Horseshoe Crab Celebration

New York: Molloy College presents: A Horseshoe Crab Celebration. Join them for the premiere of National Geographic Wild “Alien Crabs,” participate in workshops held by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Horseshoe Crab Species Specialist Group IUCN HSC SSG and the Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring CERCOM and more… download the pdf.


Calling all Horseshoe Crab Fans and Admirers!

New Jersey: Mark your calendar for the “Get Downe Horseshoe Crab Festival”, May 31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., held in beautiful Fortescue. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crabs: Part Spider, Part Medical Wonder and now in Danger

Florida: In matters of love, nothing says romance like a moonlit beach. Especially if you’re a lusty horseshoe crab and the tide is high. Now, with the crabs’ prime mating season in Florida swinging into action this month, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is trying enlist help from the public, much in the way it has recruited volunteers to count sea turtles. By reporting on the crabs’ night-time trysts, researchers hope to understand not just their habits, but calculate their numbers. download the pdf.


Get Downe Horseshoe Crab Festival 2014

New Jersey: Join in the fun! Learn about & meet Downe Township’s own ancient mariner in person! May 31, 2014, from 10:00 am to 5 pm. Fortescue, New Jersey is an ERDG Backyard Stewardship® community-based horseshoe crab sanctuary. The first and only community horseshoe crab sanctuary in New Jersey and home to the state’s most productive horseshoe crab spawning beach for the last ten years. download the pdf.