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Horseshoe Crabs in the Americas


DNREC Reduces 2003 Commercial Harvest of Horseshoe Crabs

Delaware: Delaware’s commercial horseshoe crab harvest was reduced effective 12:01 a.m. Friday, April 25 under an emergency Order signed by Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary John A. Hughes. download the pdf.


A multi-year horseshoe crab tagging study will begin this spring in the Delaware Bay

Tags Help Researchers Understand Horseshoe Crab Populations

A multi-year horseshoe crab tagging study will begin this spring in the Delaware Bay. During April, scientists from DNREC Delaware Coastal Programs, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Cornell University are tagging and releasing thousands of male and female horseshoe crabs throughout the Bay. Read more »


Watermen Resist Horseshoe Crab Limits

Delaware: Delaware and New Jersey watermen vowed Friday to fight a proposal by regulators in both states to further restrict their horseshoe crab harvests. Regulators said Thursday they plan to ban beach harvesting from May 1 to June 7 and to cap each state’s harvest at roughly half of last year’s landings. download the pdf.


Horseshoe Crabs in Asia


Horseshoe Crabs in Europe

ERDG in the News


Local Heroes: Meet 10 People Who Are Saving The Planet

OnEarth magazine features Glenn Gauvry and ERDG: The decidedly uncuddly horseshoe crab doesn’t seem like the sort of creature that would arouse anyone’s passions, but 53-year-old Glenn Gauvry admits that he’s smitten. “I absolutely fell in love with this crab, an animal that had no other human advocate,” he says. Download the pdf.


Trading Balloons For Crabs

Delaware: The skies over Milton are a great place for snow geese. But for Doc Wagner, who is as persistent as they come, the skies proved too fluky for his beloved hot air balloons. He threw in the towel this year on the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. People around Milton wondered what might come along to take its place.

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Kitts Hummock Forms Sanctuary For Horseshoe Crabs

Delaware: Melaine Morford of Kitts Hummock walks down the shoreline in sand-dyed canvas sneakers. She’s
hunting for live horseshoe crabs to flip right side-up. It’s less than an hour before high tide and already hundreds of the hard-shelled creatures are congregating to spawn. Download the pdf.


Ancient Mariner

Delaware: While numerous conservation groups have an interest in horseshoe crabs,these creatures are the raison d´etre of the Ecological Research & Development Group. Download the pdf.