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The financial support we receive from our individual and corporate sponsors makes our important work possible.

With more than 500,000 annual visitors from around the world, our web site is a great way for corporations and businesses to gain recognition as sponsors. We are currently seeking sponsorship in the following areas, but are happy to tailor sponsorship opportunities to match your needs.

Model Sponsorship

Our museum grade model is cast in durable resin and hand painted and complete in every detail. The top separates from the bottom to reveal the internal organs, egg distribution and circulatory system. Included with each model is a CD of our website's "Anatomy" section. Our models are used by schools, museums, aquariums and nature centers around the country. Due to their high production cost, they are often to expensive for many K-12 school budgets. To remedy this, we seek model sponsors, so that we may offer this invaluable educational tool to schools free of charge.

Horseshoe Crabs and the Arts traveling exhibition

$3,000 (sponsors name is added to the annual book and exhibition colophon) Our annual competition is open to all grade levels pre-K-12. Students are asked to enter poems, tales or images that share their thoughts, feelings and visions about the horseshoe crab and why we should respect and protect it. Each year 30-50 student visual/language artworks are selected to appear in our annual anthology. All selected works are posted on our web site under the "Poems, Tales and Images" category and a limited edition book featuring winning entries is available for purchase in our Company Store. In addition the works are reproduced for exhibit in our traveling art exhibition, which has been hosted in art and nature centers throughout the United States and around the world.

Brochure sponsorship

$3,000 (sponsors name, logo and website is printed on each brochure)
Your contribution allows to provide our educational brochure at no cost to individuals, communities, organizations and educators around the world.

Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund

$5,000+ (sponsors name, logo and website on
The Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund is an endowment fund created by ERDG to support community based horseshoe crab conservation initiatives. Unfortunately, in many areas, the species is in serious decline and inhabits a part of the world where human considerations often overshadow environmental issues. Established in 2004, the Fund will offer $5,000 grants to community projects that focus on the conservation of this remarkable animal.

Dr. Carl Shuster Jr. Digital Library

$10,000+ (sponsors name, logo and website featured on the home page of our "Research" section)
For the last fifty years, Dr. Shuster, one of the world's authority on horseshoe crabs, has been collecting information on this ancient mariner. His library is a compilation of science, art and personal correspondence spanning a lifetime of dedication to the conservation of the horseshoe crab. ERDG has exclusive access to this body of work and is in the process of raising funds, so that we may present it to the world.

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