About The Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund

The Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund is an endowment fund created by ERDG to support community based horseshoe crab conservation initiatives. Unfortunately, in many areas the species is in serious decline, and inhabit part of the world where human considerations often overshadow environmental issues. Established in 2004, the Fund will offer $5,000 grants to community projects that focus on the conservation of this remarkable animal.

One of the many projects ERDG is seeking funds to support involves lending expertise and technical assistance to a small village on the Orrisa coast in India. It is the community's goal, with our help, to establish their village as a horseshoe crab sanctuary on the Bay of Bengal and to promote awareness of the species to visitors and neighboring communities.

India's Orissa coast is the home of one of the four remaining horseshoe crab species in the world--the Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda--and is in serious decline. Our basic theme and approach to the preservation of the horseshoe crab--whether it be in Japan, Delaware, India or any other place--is education, public awareness and outreach.

The sanctuary in the Bay of Bengal is one of many proposals received from around the world. We believe effective conservation must engage communities. It is our hope that we will be able to add your support to these important community initiatives through the Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund.

Money generated through our newly created membership program is targeted to this fund.

So how can you help?

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