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The Indian Horseshoe Crab

Pandey, Mike (producer). Riverbank Studios, New Delhi, India.

This video clip introduces the pioneering research of Dr. Anil Chatterji on potential new biomedical applications of materials extracted from the fluid inside horseshoe crab (HSC) eggs; includes great close-up photography of HSC embryos moving inside a transparent fluid-filled membrane, and views of scientific procedures used for extracting eggs and sperm from HSCs as part of the research. Concludes with a message promoting conservation of the species.

See You 300 Million Years Later

Kwok, Janet W. Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. 8 pp.

This attractive illustrated booklet offers a basic introduction to horseshoe crabs for elementary school age students through a story about two children, Marco and Mary’s encounter with HSCs while building a sand castle on the beach. Text is provided in both Chinese and English.

International HSC Jeopardy

2015. Gary Kreamer, Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, Smyrna, DE. (grades 8 and up). Adapted from: Garth Stubbolo, Everett Meredith Middle School (Middletown, DE) and Stacy Epperson, MD Dept. of Natural Resources, Aquatic Education Program. Green Eggs & Sand curriculum (2010).

This PowerPoint version of the standard Jeopardy game features a series of categories and clues designed to assess student knowledge of various aspects of horseshoe crab (HSC) biology, ecology and uses. An accompanying International HSC Jeopardy lesson plan provides an answer key master for the game, along with instructions for teachers on how to create their own game versions (in terms of changing categories, clues, answers and images) for other audiences and topics.