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One of the easiest ways to help overcome the tide of indifference that often hinders the conservation of a species is to join ERDG's Horseshoe Crab Conservation NetworkTM. When you join ERDG you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve and protect the world's four remaining species of horseshoe crabs.

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An on-line newsletter, twice a year
Full of information, discussion and in-depth analysis of ERDG programs, our newsletter is a great tool for educators, scientists and the general public. It is accessible to ERDG members ONLY!

Email alerts
Stay connected and current with our up to the minute email alerts on information regarding the horseshoe crab including updates on State regulations, lobbying efforts, and ERDG programming initiatives

Our horseshoe crab poster

The 34" x 22" poster is not only attractive, it's filled with information about the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab. It's a great tool for educators and classrooms, AND it makes a terrific gift for anyone who loves nature and science.

NOTE: 2006 marks the beginning of our membership program. All funds raised through our membership initiative are targeted to our Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund.