Interested in the horseshoe crab?

Concerned about conservation? Want to teach our children about the environment they live in? There's lots of ways you can get involved and expand our knowledge of this ancient mariner and the world it lives in.

Whether you turn over a stranded horseshoe, declare your beach a horseshoecrab sanctuary, or donate a dollar to help us expand the website, your help can ensure the horseshoe crab is around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy and study.

Report a Horseshoe Crab Sighting or Tag

Let us know where you've seen them; ERDG keeps an updated list of spawning beaches to track distribution.

Join the Horseshoe Crab Count

Participate in the annual survey of spawning horseshoe crabs and help us gather accurate population data.

Just flip 'em!

Help stranded horseshoe crabs through this simple act of kindness.

Start a Community Sanctuary

Join other coastal residents who have created horseshoe crab sanctuaries on their beaches.

Make a Donation

Help ERDG continue its work to protect the worlds four remaining horseshoe crab species and their habitat and educating others through its website & school programs...!

Help Create a Historic Record

ERDG wants to create a visual historic record of coastal beaches in the last century; you can help by sending your photos!

For Teachers: Ways to Involve Students

Take advantage of ERDG's educational program, classroom materials, and student competition, and learn how you can use our website as an educational tool.

Enter the Horseshoe Crab & the Arts Competition

If you're a student in grade pre-K–12, you can enter our annual contest for the creation of poems, tales or images that reflect your feelings about the horseshoe crab.


Become an ERDG member today! Not only will you get some great benefits, but your membership will support the important work of the Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund.

Contribute to the Conservation Fund

When you make a donation to the Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund, you'll be helping conservation efforts in all parts of the world.