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Broadkill Beach Delaware Becomes a Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary

May 31, 2000

The Ecological Research & Development Group Inc., in partnership with the Broadkill Beach Preservation Association and the residents of Broadkill Beach, Delaware, designated 2.5 miles of this communities 3.8 miles of beach as a horseshoe crab sanctuary.

In the absence of human interference, horseshoe crabs have successfully evolved for over 400 million years. ERDG has made a commitment to protect this remarkable mariner who plays a vital role in nature’s delicately balanced food web and whose life-sustaining contributions to humanity have yet to be fully realized.

The Ecological Research & Development Group and the Broadkill Beach Preservation Association believe that the foundation of a successful conservation program is effective public education and coastal community support. The future survival of this species will ultimately depend upon the preservation of its spawning habitat.

The residents of Broadkill Beach have and continue to be a source of leadership for other coastal communities. With the establishment of the first community supported horseshoe crab sanctuary in Delaware, that tradition will continue.