Horseshoe Crab Educational Poster

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Horseshoe Crab Poster

Our 34" x 22" horseshoe crab poster is not only attractive, it's also filled with great information about the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab. The poster side details horseshoe crab spawning cycles, anatomy, lifecycle, and distribution and features a timeline of the history of the ancient mariner.

The reverse side of the poster describes the history of horseshoe crab management, features information about Delaware's Green Eggs & Sand program for educators, and provides resources for finding more information about horseshoe crabs and shorebirds.

It's a great tool for educators and classrooms, but the poster also makes a terrific gift for anyone who loves nature and science. Posters are shipped rolled in a tube.

$18.00 each
plus $10.00 shipping for up to 5 posters

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