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All resources tagged grades 8 and up

Asian HSC species paper craft activity

Kabutogani Konwakai in Yamaguchi pre.  (contributed by Dr. Masaaki Mihata, including modifications by Dr. Naohiro Harada)


Provides print masters for cutting out and assembling anatomically-accurate paper models for the three Asian species of horseshoe crabs.

International Horseshoe Crab Jeopardy lesson plan

2015. Adapted from: Stubbolo, Garth. Everett Meredith M.S. (Middletown, DE) and Stacy Epperson, MD Dept. of Natural Resources, Aquatic Education Program. Green Eggs & Sand curriculum (2010). Adapted by: Gary Kreamer, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Smyrna, DE, USA. 6 pp.

This activity, provided in PowerPoint format, engages students in “Jeopardy” style game play, to assess their knowledge of various aspects of horseshoe crab (HSC) biology, ecology and uses. Two versions of the game are provided: International HSC Jeopardy, featuring a general knowledge/student level focus, and International HSC Double Jeopardy, providing more challenging content (aimed at more scientific HSC-savvy audiences). In addition to the game play materials, clear instructions are provided for teachers interested in creating their own versions of the game, including how to change categories, clues, answers and images for other audiences and topics.