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Asian HSC species paper craft activity

Kabutogani Konwakai in Yamaguchi pre.  (contributed by Dr. Masaaki Mihata, including modifications by Dr. Naohiro Harada)


Provides print masters for cutting out and assembling anatomically-accurate paper models for the three Asian species of horseshoe crabs.

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Sewing a Horseshoe Crab

Sewing instruction and cutting pattern designed by Conservation Sew Mates:  www.facebook.com/CSVsewmates
www.csvsewmates.com.hk;  Collaborating with Conservation Sew Mates, OPCFHK organised workshops for the public and students to make their own horseshoe crab plush toys.

Partnering with NGOs, Conservation Sew Mates conduct livelihood projects in the form of workshops for the local community in areas where conservation awareness is being introduced and developed. This creative process, which covers pattern making, cutting, sewing, stuffing and then selling is our way of encouraging participants to work together in generating revenue through ecotourism.

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Horseshoe Crab Papercraft

Anniqa Law, Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme,
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

A simple way to make a 3D horseshoe crab papercraft which you could write your messages on it!

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Horseshoe Crab 3D Card

Anniqa Law, Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing programme,
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

Make your card with a popup 3D horseshoe crab when you open it.  Send your greetings and share your love with your friends, families, as well as our nature!

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The 475 million-year-old horseshoe crab: Educational guide 2015

Billy KY Kwan, Paul KS Shin, SG Cheung, Biology and Chemistry Department, City University of Hong Kong.  2015.   Proof-reading: Joe HY Cheung, Anniqa CK Law; Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong



Horseshoe crabs have existed for 475 million years, since the Upper Ordovician period. We hope this fascinating marine creature will be around in another 475 million years.

馬蹄蟹(鱟)從4.75億年前的上奧陶紀活到今天, 希望未來的4.75億年仍然能夠見到這神奇的海洋生物。

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