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Crash: A Tale of Two Species: Blue Blood segment

PBS Video

Brief, but beautifully presented clip from PBS video focusing on the use and bleeding of horseshoe crabs to produce lysate for screening of human medicines.  (3:16)



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Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Annual Beach “Orgy”

National Geographic

Brief but compelling look at Delaware Bay horseshoe crab spawning, including outstanding hi-res footage of spawning behavior and bleeding for biomedical use. Includes insightful commentary by HSC experts Glenn Gauvry and Dr. Dick Weber.  (3:29)


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Horseshoe Crab Tagging

Delaware Riverkeeper

Delaware Riverkeeper produced video documenting the importance and process of the HSC tagging program on Delaware Bay, including information on how and where to report tagged crab resightings.  (3:42)


Horseshoe Crab Census: A Guide for Volunteers

The Nature Conservancy

Silent/captioned training video produced by the Nature Conservancy demonstrating key aspects of the process by which spawning horseshoe crabs are surveyed on Delaware Bay beaches.  (6:42)



Molting horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)

short, silent, time-lapsed photographed piece showing the molting of a juvenile HSC in an aquarium  (1:36)