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The 475 million-year-old horseshoe crab: Educational guide 2015

Billy KY Kwan, Paul KS Shin, SG Cheung, Biology and Chemistry Department, City University of Hong Kong.  2015.   Proof-reading: Joe HY Cheung, Anniqa CK Law; Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong



Horseshoe crabs have existed for 475 million years, since the Upper Ordovician period. We hope this fascinating marine creature will be around in another 475 million years.

馬蹄蟹(鱟)從4.75億年前的上奧陶紀活到今天, 希望未來的4.75億年仍然能夠見到這神奇的海洋生物。

Horseshoe Crab Tagging

Delaware Riverkeeper

Delaware Riverkeeper produced video documenting the importance and process of the HSC tagging program on Delaware Bay, including information on how and where to report tagged crab resightings.  (3:42)


Horseshoe Crab Census: A Guide for Volunteers

The Nature Conservancy

Silent/captioned training video produced by the Nature Conservancy demonstrating key aspects of the process by which spawning horseshoe crabs are surveyed on Delaware Bay beaches.  (6:42)



Limulus interpretive external anatomy guide

2014. Kreamer, Gary. Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, Smyrna, DE, USA. 2 pp.

This two-page guide was developed to provide an in-depth tour of readily observable features of the dorsal and ventral anatomy of the American HSC for students and teachers use in observing/interpreting HSCs in the field. Also useful as a supplementary resource sheet for use with the Limulus molt observation study sheets.