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All resources tagged grades 3-5

Horseshoe Crab Papercraft

Anniqa Law, Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme,
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

A simple way to make a 3D horseshoe crab papercraft which you could write your messages on it!

Crab Grab (external anatomy of Limulus) match game

2003. Jones, Robert. Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, Aquatic Resources Education Program, Smyrna, DE, USA

This PowerPoint-based document provides clear instructions, fine illustrations and a series of horseshoe crab (HSC) anatomy clue cards, designed for engaging upper elementary students in a matching-the-parts-to-what-they-do game challenge covering the key features of American HSC dorsal (top-side) and ventral (under-side) anatomy.