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Asian HSC species paper craft activity

Kabutogani Konwakai in Yamaguchi pre.  (contributed by Dr. Masaaki Mihata, including modifications by Dr. Naohiro Harada)


Provides print masters for cutting out and assembling anatomically-accurate paper models for the three Asian species of horseshoe crabs.

Sewing a Horseshoe Crab

Sewing instruction and cutting pattern designed by Conservation Sew Mates:  www.facebook.com/CSVsewmates
www.csvsewmates.com.hk;  Collaborating with Conservation Sew Mates, OPCFHK organised workshops for the public and students to make their own horseshoe crab plush toys.

Partnering with NGOs, Conservation Sew Mates conduct livelihood projects in the form of workshops for the local community in areas where conservation awareness is being introduced and developed. This creative process, which covers pattern making, cutting, sewing, stuffing and then selling is our way of encouraging participants to work together in generating revenue through ecotourism.

The 475 million-year-old horseshoe crab: Educational guide 2015

Billy KY Kwan, Paul KS Shin, SG Cheung, Biology and Chemistry Department, City University of Hong Kong.  2015.   Proof-reading: Joe HY Cheung, Anniqa CK Law; Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong



Horseshoe crabs have existed for 475 million years, since the Upper Ordovician period. We hope this fascinating marine creature will be around in another 475 million years.

馬蹄蟹(鱟)從4.75億年前的上奧陶紀活到今天, 希望未來的4.75億年仍然能夠見到這神奇的海洋生物。

The Count: Conserving Long Island’s Horseshoe Crabs

Leslie Von Pless, 2015.  http://wakemultimedia.com/2015/06/22/the-count-conserving-long-islands-horseshoe-crabs/   (11:25)

documentary on the process and significance of collecting data by surveying spawning horseshoe crabs on Long Island, including interviews with several researchers and citizen scientists;  emphasizes the critical connection of sustaining horseshoe crab populations to Red Knots, a shorebird species recently federally listed as “threatened” that depends on horseshoe crab eggs for food during its spring migration.

Horseshoe Crab Documentary

Nick Bakers “Weird Creatures” Series

Comprehensive, compelling and creatively-conceived look at horseshoe crabs from Nick Baker “Weird Creatures” series.  Using the unifying theme of its long evolutionary history of survival, the film brings in various HSC experts, along with extensive footage of spawning on Delaware Bay to explore interesting aspects of HSC anatomy, life cycle, ecology and importance to man.  Includes a nice piece about halfway through on the biomedical use of HSC blood, and another segment further along featuring HSC vision expert Dr. Bob Barlow describing the eyes.  The final third of the video documents the use of HSCs for bait and the key linkage HSC eggs provide to hemispheric shorebird migration. In closing, a strong case of concern is made for potential threats to that survival posed by human activities today.  (47:07)

It’s not an Alien! Meet the Horseshoe Crab.

Epic Wildlife

Quick & simple introduction to the anatomy, life cycle, ecology & values of the HSC from Epic Wildlife TV series.  Point of interest:  The opening shots of the strange wildlife form from Russia (that was used to justify the HSC for inclusion in the piece) is actually not an HSC at all (appears to be a Triops crustacean)!  (2:33)

Crash: A Tale of Two Species: Blue Blood segment

PBS Video

Brief, but beautifully presented clip from PBS video focusing on the use and bleeding of horseshoe crabs to produce lysate for screening of human medicines.  (3:16)



Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Annual Beach “Orgy”

National Geographic

Brief but compelling look at Delaware Bay horseshoe crab spawning, including outstanding hi-res footage of spawning behavior and bleeding for biomedical use. Includes insightful commentary by HSC experts Glenn Gauvry and Dr. Dick Weber.  (3:29)


Molting horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)

short, silent, time-lapsed photographed piece showing the molting of a juvenile HSC in an aquarium  (1:36)